Will there be an Indian Mr Olympia? Extreme Lift Nutrition

Will there be an Indian Mr Olympia? 

Date: April 9, 2021

Will there be an Indian Mr Olympia? – Bodybuilding in India took a couple of years to develop when it had been a standard sport in many countries. Despite facts such as low-income support and struggling careers to choose from, Indian bodybuilders are working hard at the gym to share similar platforms globally.

Will there be an Indian Mr Olympia?

Mr. Olympia, which is the generic name and title of Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend. It is considered the world’s largest bodybuilding competition and every year many fans eagerly await its arrival. India has a 4X population compared to the US and therefore has 4X better chances of producing a Mr. Olympia winner.

There are many professional sports leagues in India, but none comes close to the salary which is equivalent to three big salaries in the US. While America drops many great implied bodybuilders to these sports, India does not.

Sponsors are just beginning to search for Indian bodybuilders as market athletes in the US. It certainly helps that India has the second-highest English speakers after only the US. Indians have been racing in strength sports for almost 1000 years. It only makes thought that Indians would instantly pick up bodybuilding and enrich one of the advanced nations in the sport.

Eugen Sandow’s Relation With India:

Eugen Sandow, the founder of modern bodybuilding, made sure to sense India during his world tour in 1904–1905. He had seen how many Indians were thin in pictures and was not sure how excited they would be to learn bodybuilding.

He was soon offered more money in India than he offered to train individuals in the United States and Great Britain. Sando found that the hunger for bodybuilding in India was greater than in any country he belonged to. He was impressed by the ability of bodybuilders in India and said, “Native Indians have a good foundation for building big, physical men.”

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