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Should Bodybuilders Avoid Salt

Date: April 10, 2021

Should Bodybuilders Avoid Salt – Many bodybuilders religiously reduce salt intake to avoid water retention and to become lean. First, sodium intake will not cause widespread water retention if you increase your water intake.

Should Bodybuilders Avoid Salt

There is a belief that salt or table salt is the worst man in the food industry and should be avoided. Should bodybuilders who want to support a certain level of musculature avoid salt or sodium? In less than a week, your body will balance with your new sodium intake and water.

It has been observed that when the level of fluids in the body is slightly higher, protein uptake and turnover are better. Sodium also increases body fluids which increases the lifting capacity during workouts.

What Does Sodium Do?

Sodium increases blood volume. It is, therefore, necessary for bodybuilders to ensure that their pre-workout meals and supplemental drinks include salt.

Even under normal circumstances, a balanced diet needs to include at least a moderate level of salt/sodium. These help to transport amino acids, hormones, glucose, and a host of nutrients throughout the body.

Effects of Low-Salt Diet Routine:

  1. Body fluids run out which can affect blood pressure.
  2. These conditions further activate vasopressin, a hormone that tries to retain water when the body’s fluid levels begin to decrease.
  3. Less salt activates aldosterone in the body. It is a hormone that plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure, along with sodium and potassium levels.


  • Focus on having sodium and potassium from natural resources such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Labelled foods will certainly show sodium content in it, but they do not reveal potassium content extensively. Therefore, choose carefully.
  • Be consistent in your approach. If you want to increase or decrease your sodium levels, do it slowly so that your body gets enough time to get used to it.

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