How Alcohol Plummets T-Levels & Increases Body Fat

How Alcohol Plummets T-Levels & Increases Body Fat

Date: April 9, 2021

How Alcohol Plummets T-Levels & Increases Body Fat – Many of us enjoy a few drinks, especially on weekends. The end-of-work week is often celebrated with happy hour libel. But do you know what effect alcohol can have on your testosterone levels?

Beer, wine, and even apparently ‘healthy’ drinks can wreak havoc with hormone production, not to consider your waistline.

How Alcohol Plummets T-Levels & Increases Body Fat

If you’re looking to gain or maintain a slim, muscular physique, your alcohol intake should be at the bottom of your list of priorities.

Testosterone & alcohol

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and it contributes to everything that makes us ‘masculine’.

Without enough testosterone in your body, your libido will decrease and you will struggle to get or maintain erections. Drinking will affect your efforts to stay slim along with decreasing your T-level.

Plummeting testosterone levels

If you drink alcohol regularly, you are likely to gain extra weight, especially around your miscarriage. The classic beer belly does not reduce your work in the gym – it will reduce your testosterone even further. It also increases the risk of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer.

How does alcohol increase body fat?

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, almost double the amount found in carbohydrates and protein. Because it is so dense with energy, when you go out to drink at night, you can quickly consume more calories.

This further contributes to weight gain and is a one-two punch destructive to your system. If you leave the gym because you are feeling too fat, the effect is even greater.


Reducing alcohol intake is the best way to directly address it. Lifestyle transitions such as taking more sleep and lifting heavy loads can support testosterone production. By incorporating these routines into your routine, your body will soon recover its testosterone levels to where they once were.

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